Grain & Seed Guide


Also known as soya beans, these are a species of legumes native to East Asia and grown throughout the world. Food products from soy include vegetable protein, soy vegetable oil, soy milk, soy sauce and tofu. Soybeans are packed with dietary fiber, vitamin K, vitamin B, manganese, iron, phosphorus, and magnesium. What is most notable about soybeans is the large amount of protein they have, making them a desirable protein source for vegetarians and vegans. The health benefits of soybeans include preventing osteoporosis, managing weight, aiding in heart attack/stroke prevention, improving blood circulation, fighting against sleep disorders, lowering cholesterol levels, regulating digestion, and boosting metabolic activity in the body. Food For Life uses soybeans in its bread, burger buns, cereal, English muffins, pasta, and waffles to create the healthiest, protein loaded food products.

Products with Soybeans