Raw, Organic Vegan Roll-Ups

By Jim Friel

  • organic Baby Spinach
  • organic roma tomato
  • organic red onion
  • organic celery
  • organic cucumber
  • organic red pepper
  • olive oil
  • ground flax seeds
  • brewer's nutritional yeast
  • ground black pepper
  • organic lemon
  • Food For Life® Sprouted Whole Grain Tortillas
  1. Slice tomato, dice red onion, chop up a couple of stalks of celery, slice cucumber and red pepper
  2. Lay out a couple of Sprouted Whole Grain Tortillas and put a handful of baby spinach leaves in each tortilla.
  3. Then do the same with the vegetables you have just sliced and diced.
  4. Squeeze some lemon juice over the contents of each tortilla
  5. Sprinkle a tablespoon full of freshly ground flax seeds on each tortilla
  6. Then do likewise with some nutritional yeast
  7. Top off with some extra virgin olive oil and freshly ground black pepper
  8. Roll up and enjoy! YUMMM!!!!

Notes: substitute on Brown Rice Tortillas if you want gluten free

Jim Friel