How to Choose Bread with the Right Carbs

If you live on a diabetic friendly diet, you know how important it is to eat low glycemic foods and choose the right carbs. Too many carbohydrates could result in a high blood sugar and too few could result in a low blood sugar. An ideal diet for someone with Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes must be low-glycemic, nutritional for the body, and able to provide blood sugar stability for the remainder of the day.  High carbohydrate foods generally include desserts, fruits, and juices and lower carbohydrate foods generally include meats, dairy products, and vegetables. When it comes to bread, there are many available that are not diabetic-friendly. Here are our top three tips for choosing bread with the right carbs.

1. Always Pair Your Carbs
One of the ways to avoid high blood sugars is to make sure you’re pairing your carbohydrates with other nutrients, such as protein, fat or fiber. Most bread, especially white bread, severely lack in fiber and other nutrients that help control your blood sugar. Those who eat foods that are high in fiber tend to see fewer spikes throughout the day. They also feel fuller for longer. Without fiber, the body quickly stores and converts sugar. To assure you’re eating bread with the right carbs, choose high fiber and high protein bread like Food For Life sprouted grain bread.

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2. Look for Grains
Many bread manufactures use yeast and simple, added sugar that produces bread with bad carbs. Thus, they compromise the nutritional value and give people a product with unsustainable energy. Food For Life uses fresh sprouted certified organic whole grains and seeds. They contain good carbohydrates such as whole grain barley, whole grain rye, and whole grain oats that contribute to having a consistent blood sugar. Because of the sprouting process, the food you eat contains more nutrients and is also easier for your body to digest.

3 Avoid White Bread and Wheat Bread at All Cost
As stated above, white bread severely lacks in nutrients. Composed with refined sugar and simple carbohydrates, there is no bread that will cause your blood sugar to roller coaster faster. Many people think that because wheat bread contains whole grain and some fiber that it is the healthiest alternative to white bread. This is simply not the case. Many whole wheat breads have preservatives and added sugar that contribute to a weak immune systems, blood sugar spikes, and weight gain. Compared to the outstanding nutritional value of Ezekiel bread, wheat bread does not stand a chance. The long term effects of rising and falling blood sugars can be detrimental (even fatal) and it is best to avoid any breads that contain the wrong carbs. Instead, choose healthy bread with no preservatives, no added sugar and an abundance of nutrients.  

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