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Low Glycemic Foods and the Low Glycemic Index

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Glycemic index, or GI, is a ranking of carbohydrate containing foods on a scale of zero to 100 according to how quickly these foods raise your blood sugar level after consumption. Low Glycemic diets are thought to prevent health complications caused by unstable blood sugar such as obesity, diabetes, and potentially other health issues. In basic terms, the low glycemic index refers to the way your body breaks down carbohydrates. With higher glycemic foods, the body tends to break those down into sugar, which is then stored in the body as fat. Low glycemic foods are broken down much slower, and less is stored. Because the body takes longer to break down foods with a low glycemic index, they are usually converted into energy that is used immediately rather than being stored as fat.

So what types of foods are in the high glycemic food group? Many of the foods people love to eat are here: instant white rice, brown rice, plain white bread, and watermelon. In contrast, low glycemic foods includes many vegetables, some grains, nuts, and beans. Some fruits could also be considered low glycemic, but not all.

Advantages of a Low Glycemic Foods Diet
One of the major benefits of a low glycemic foods diet is that your body uses the carbohydrates you consume for energy rather than storing it. Some food is thought to disrupt the natural balance by creating large spikes in your blood sugar level. When your blood sugar and insulin levels stay high, or go up and down quickly, your body has trouble responding. Over time this could contribute to insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is associated with many health problems.

Low Glycemic Foods Available from Food for Life
Food for Life has many low glycemic foods available. Some of the most popular Low Glycemic foods include the Ezekiel 4:9 bread, which has a Glycemic Index of 36. The varieties of Ezekiel 4:9 bread include:

Other products available from Food for Life include cereals, pasta, tortillas, pocket breads and waffles.

Only the freshest sprouted certified organic whole grains and seeds are used in Food for Life products, which helps your body digest more of the nutrients found in grains. No flour is used in Food for Life products. In addition, no preservatives or shortenings, no refined sugars or genetically modified organisms are used in any Food for Life products.

The low glycemic foods from Food for Life have been awarded the Diabetic Friendly Seal by the International Government Accredited Organization, The Glycemic Research Institute. All the Food for Life low glycemic products provide lower blood sugar levels, the opportunity to reduce weight, reduced risk of heart disease, and control of Type I and Type II Diabetes and hypoglycemia.

Beyond the health benefits of low glycemic food and a low glycemic diet, Food for Life takes extra care in the preparation of all low glycemic products, ensuring the best tasting and most nutritious products for your healthy lifestyle.

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