Healthy Whole Grain Cereal, in the form of Sprouted Grains?

Traditionally, if someone wanted a healthy whole grain cereal the choices included something that might have gluten in it, and probably contained wheat as well. These have been common ingredients in breakfast cereals for decades. So what if you can't have cereals with gluten or wheat in them? What options are available to you that provide the nutrients your body needs and still tastes good? Sprouted grain cereal gives you a healthy whole grain cereal using sprouted grains that provide great nutrients for your body while tasting great!

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How is a sprouted grain cereal healthy, like a whole grain cereal? Sprouted grain is whole grain. The process a sprouted grain goes through is actually better than just a straight whole grain, here's why. Proteins and carbohydrates are broken down during the sprouted grain process, which increases the vitamin content. When you eat a normal whole grain, your body has to break down the grain before it can get to the vitamin rich content inside the grain. By the time your body is able to absorb the nutrients, it is almost gone. In a sprouted whole grain cereal, the sprouting basically pre-digests the grain, so when you eat it, and digest it, you can immediately absorb the nutrients. This is why sprouted whole grain cereal is the healthiest type of whole grain cereal you can get.

Since the 1950's, Food for Life has been creating a wide variety of sprouted grain breads, buns, cereals, English muffins, pasta, tortillas, waffles, and more. The unique sprouted grain process ensures you get the most nutrient rich products available, including healthy whole grain cereals. Below are a list of the sprouted whole grain cereals from Food for Life:


Food for Life's healthy whole grain cereals are all natural and made up of only organic ingredients. There are never any chemicals, preservatives, GMO's (genetically modified organisms) or anything artificial used in Food for Life products. All gluten free products are made without any casein, egg, or dairy products. The healthy whole grain cereal from Food for Life provides all the nutrients you want and tastes great. Give it a try and let us know what you think? We love it, and we're pretty sure you will too.