What are the Benefits of a Wheat Free Diet?

A wheat free diet has many benefits, especially for anyone suffering from gluten sensitivities. Other benefits of being wheat free include reduced allergic reactions, hives, nasal congestion, itching around the throat, itchy and watery eyes. Some people experience digestive issues related to eating wheat, especially if it contains gluten. Celiac disease, Crohn's disease, and other intestinal inflammatory issues can be magnified by eating wheat.

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The Changing Makeup of Wheat
Wheat is not what it used to be. Over time, the quality has changed because of genetic modifications. Unfortunately, many peoples digestive systems are not able to adequately process the new forms of genetically modified wheat. As mentioned, allergies to wheat are also on the increase. Various skin conditions, as well as sinus itchiness and congestion, can all be due in part to the addition of modified wheat in our diets. For these reasons many people are switching to a wheat free diet.

When shopping for gluten free and wheat free products, keep in mind that gluten free foods will be wheat free, but not all wheat free foods are gluten free. Wheat free products may contain barley or spelt, and both contain gluten. If your diet needs gluten free foods, make sure the packaging says gluten free. If it does, you will also get a wheat free product. If you are just seeking wheat free only, then any product that says wheat free should be fine.

What Can You Eat with a Wheat Free Diet?
There are a wide variety of great wheat free products you can eat, everything from breads, cereals, tortillas, pastas, English muffins, and more. You don't have to give up great food options just because you are on a wheat free diet. For over 50 years, Food for Life has been creating great products, such as chia bread for people who can't eat wheat. In addition to these products being wheat free, they are also gluten free, which is perfect for people with gluten sensitivity. (Click on links below for more info)

English muffins are great any time of the day. Several of these muffins are made with sprouted grains, giving you optimal nutrition.

Tortillas are great for wraps, all types of tortilla-based dishes, and as tortilla chips. The best part is that they are all wheat free and gluten free.

Food for Life uses only organic ingredients in their products. No genetically modified organisms (GMOs) of any kind are used, including wheat . All gluten free products are baked without casein, egg, or dairy products. Vitamins and minerals are locked into all Food for Life products during the slow baking process, giving you the ultimate nutritional value possible. Find a location near you that sells Food for Life products and start enjoying your wheat free diet today!