4 Healthy Cereals to Energize You


4 healthy cereals that'll give you energy, great nutrition, and a healthy start to the day are:


The unique sprouted grain process used to make all of these cereals is a key factor in the high nutrition they provide. There is a combination of grains and legumes which create a complete protein. All sprouted grain Food for Life healthy cereals are high in fiber, easier to digest than traditional grains, low glycemic, low in sugar, and are part of the low glycemic index diet. The body is able to absorb higher levels of calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, and zinc due to the sprouted grain process. Another benefit is that sprouting releases hidden antioxidants that reside in the grain.

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Because the grains are sprouted, the gluten content is far less than in traditional grains. Enzymes that are released during the sprouted grain process actually break down the proteins in the grain along with the gluten content. This makes it easier to digest. Some people with mild gluten sensitivities are able to eat Food for Life sprouted whole grain cereals because of the enzymes that break down the gluten prior to digestion. For people suffering from allergic reactions to gluten, Celiac disease, or any other autoimmune disorders, it is advisable to avoid any cereals with gluten in them.

All Food for Life healthy cereals are certified organic. This is just one other area where the consumer is getting the freshest, most pure ingredients available in all Food for Life cereals. There are never any artificial ingredients, no refined sugars, no GMO's, no preservatives of any kind in any Food for Life products.

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