3 Tips for Going Gluten Free

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, you may be feeling like your whole world has been rocked. After all, you’ve been eating breads, pasta, and other gluten products your entire life. Now, circumstances suddenly require a radical dietary and life change. It is very common for individuals who have recently adopted a gluten free diet to get to the point of discouragement where they feel like they can’t eat anything. Don’t worry, you’ll get to the point where your body adjusts to your new diet and it becomes a lifestyle. Going gluten free with Food For Life products has been a very positive experience for our customers and we hope these tips for going gluten free will energize and encourage you for the road ahead.

1. Find the Freedom in Going Gluten Free
Going gluten free isn’t about restrictions; it’s about feeling well and taking care of your body’s needs. When people have a negative reaction to gluten, they often experience extreme gassiness, constipation, nausea, diarrhea, skin rashes, or intestinal damage. Now that you are no longer suffering from the discomfort resulting from gluten products, you are free to focus on what matters most to you. This means increased focus at work or school, improved energy, and a better overall wellbeing. Regardless of how much you enjoyed products containing gluten in the past, nothing compares to the enjoyment found in a healthy, active body.

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2. Find the Creativity and Fun in Going Gluten Free
Going gluten free isn’t just about breaking the health limitations from negative reactions to gluten; it’s also about breaking free from culinary restrictions. You could easily look at a gluten free diet as a limitation when, in many ways, the opposite is true. In actuality, it really is about how many choices you have. There are tons of naturally gluten free foods out there like fruits, vegetables, and meat. There are also good grains like rice and quinoa. You can either become discouraged by the new lifestyle or use it as an opportunity to go through an exciting, innovative process. Going gluten free can be fun! Thinking through recipes and diets can be a wonderful opportunity for creativity. Look at new gluten free recipes, experiment in the kitchen, and use ingredients you’ve never seen or heard of before. You can even bring your family and friends into the picture by making them gluten free foods without telling them and seeing if they can distinguish a difference. This can be a wonderful life change and Food For Life has many gluten free breads made from sprouted quinoa, chia seed and millet to help you make the most of it.

3. Find the Right Products in Going Gluten Free
It’s really important to be organized and know what’s in your kitchen. There’s nothing like having the confidence that everything in your pantry is safe to eat in a gluten free diet. Go to the grocery store, have a plan, and know that when you go home you have healthy gluten free products waiting for you. You’ll want to keep products on hand that you can use both to make dinner and eat right away, especially for those nights when you don’t have time to make anything. When shopping gluten free, watch out for hidden gluten by double checking ingredient labels. Food For Life’s gluten free products are made on gluten free manufacturing lines to avoid any cross contamination. Also, our labels are 100% transparent which means that when we say gluten free, we mean it.

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