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Flax Bread and Omega 3 Benefits


Flax bread is a great source of Omega 3 oil and Omega 6 fatty acids not available in a typical diet. They are considered essential fatty acids, meaning that they cannot be synthesized by the human body but are vital for normal metabolism. Flax seeds come in two basic varieties: brown; and yellow or golden. Most types have similar nutritional characteristics. Because flax seed is high in Omega 3 and 6, it is a great addition to any diet for health benefits similar to taking fish oil. People on a vegan diet can and do use flax oil in place of fish oil. There is research showing more health benefits of flax seed and flax bread including reduced risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes.

Flax Bread and the Omega 3 Benefits
Food for Life's new flax bread is becoming one of the most popular products available since it's release in 2012. Some of the most popular breads available include:

Other products available from Food for Life include cereals, pasta, tortillas, vegan meats, pocket breads and waffles.

Only the freshest sprouted certified organic whole grains and seeds are used in Food for Life products, which helps your body digest more of the nutrients found in the grains. No flour is used in Food for Life products. In addition, no preservatives or shortenings, no refined sugars or genetically modified organisms are used in any Food for Life products.