Gluten free sprouted grain bread

Bread Without Added Sugar

More than ever, people are aware that what they eat matters. Health enthusiasts everywhere are looking to stay away from high fructose corn syrup, simple sugars, and sucrose to avoid its negative effects on bodily and emotional well-being. Among this list of food to avoid is added sugar. Added sugars are sugars that do not naturally occur in the ingredients. They are sugars and syrups that have been chemically processed and artificially integrated the food. They carry with them a list of consequences and can be found in candy, cakes, and breads of all sorts. To provide a healthier alternative, Food For Life manufactures Ezekiel Bread, a low glycemic bread without added sugar that is packed with nutritional value that transforms your living. 

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One of the common problems with bread containing added sugar is that products with added sugar tend to lack fiber. In contrast, products with natural sugar, such as fruits, tend to also contain some fiber. This presence of fiber drastically changes the way your body processes sugar. The fiber slows down the absorption process and your body uses the sugar as energy to digest the fiber. Without the presence of fiber, the body does not use sugar as an energy source but instead stores sugar and converts it to fat. Many bread manufactures use yeast and simple, added sugar in order to help the bread rise. Thus, they compromise the nutritional value and give people a product with unusable energy. People try to avoid added sugar for many reasons. Reported consequences of foods high in added sugar include general childhood obesity, sugar crashes, energy fatigue, nutritional deficiency, hormonal induced acne, sugar addiction, and insatiable hunger.

Currently, there are no labeling requirements for added sugar. This means that consumers can easily buy bread breads without a clear understanding that what they are eating actually contains added sugar. The FDA understood this to be a problem and by July 2018, all food manufactures will be required to update their nutritional facts panel to disclose the inclusion of added sugars in grams. This change also requires manufactures to publish information in larger/bolder type and to disclose actual amounts of nutrients. This is a nice change that will benefit consumers nationwide. In the meantime, the easiest way to reduce added sugars in your diet is to eat more natural products, such as fruits and vegetables, and buy from brands that are very transparent.

Food For Life is a brand that has always strived for nutritional excellence and transparency. Food For Life’s Ezekiel bread uses grains, such as malted barley, that has naturally occurring sugar. In the sprouted grain process, there is maltose (plant-based) extracted to give the bread a native sweetener. The resulting sugar is a natural sugar that doesn’t add to the sugar content of the bread. It is not a simple sugar like high fructose corn syrup that’s artificially added to a lot of other breads.  This is healthy, fiber-packed bread that your body will use for fuel in the digestive process rather than store as fat. In fact, all of our Ezekiel products have a lower sugar content than all other manufacturing brands, especially the Ezekiel crunchy cereal that has an unparalleled zero grams of sugar.

Eating healthy bread without added sugar helps control your weight, elevate your energy, and fight against diseases associated with malnourishment. Start enjoying it today!

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